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But what exactly is this $80 Billion Industry?

Health and Fitness Industry!!!

Yes, According to Statista, the Global Fitness and Health Club industry generates more than 80 billion U.S. dollars in revenue per year.

Before we proceed further, let’s have a look at some statistics that will show you that this industry is truly the "Online Medium for Big Bucks"...

We know these are a little bit overwhelming but all are true.

People are going Crazy about gaining strength and muscle mass and the whole internet has just gone bonkers talking and raving about it!

Now you must be wondering ‘Why? Why is this niche so Dominant and Dilating?’

The growth of this market is majorly attributed to:

  • Increase in Prevalence of Rock-Hard Muscular Physique
  • Alarming Boost in Obesity
  • Widespread Lifestyle diseases
  • Aging Population
  • Increase in Health Awareness

Studies show that with one-third of world’s population is considered obese and 75% of them are considered to be overweight in some way, then there is a conscious effort amongst a majority of the population to change their lifestyle and get back into shape.

  • According to a research, the average amount of time spent exercising each day, for those aged over 15 who exercise regularly, is between 30 and 59 minutes.
  • Less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day and only one in three adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week.
  • 1 in every 7 people is a member of a gym.
  • More than 80% of adults do not meet the guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities, and more than 80% of adolescents do not do enough physical activity to meet the guidelines for youth.
  • The membership dropout rate within the first eight weeks of joining a gym is about 80%.
  • Many people are fumbling with gym equipment, training sessions, personal trainers, supplements to get the lean, toned and desired muscular physique.
  • But what they lack is the right guidance and knowledge it takes to achieve their physical goals.
  • And due to this, they are spinning in the vicious cycle of so-called trainers, supplements, and steroids only to gain no results.

Remember "Good Health is the Best Wealth"...

  • Besides getting the physique you want, bodybuilding can improve your Health, Career, and Wallet too!!!
  • You may already know that Obesity is an Epidemic and people are crazy for their looks and body (including you and us).
  • Everyone is dying to achieve hulk-like body full of lean muscle mass and tremendous strength. If you don’t have your strength it is very hard to have anything else, or appreciate anything, so to speak.
  • Health and Strength are above everything and this is the reason this Niche is Amazingly HUGE!
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Muscles and Strength Building Formula with PLR

Be the Ultimate Strength and Muscle Building Hulk with these Lucrative Tips and Techniques.

  • A comprehensive guide that will empower you with the latest, updated, and effectual strength and muscle building tips and techniques to overcome all the barriers in your journey and establish yourself as a fitness authority.
  • Learn everything you need to know to get yourself on the path of Fitness, Happiness, Beauty, Strength, Muscular Physique, Long-term Customers and the Bucket-loads of Profits…
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  • People who are in desperate need of
    piling-up rock-hard muscles onto their frame.
  • People who want to get their foot into the fitness industry.
  • People who are trying to get Brawny from Scrawny in time effective way.
  • People who are experiencing bullying and low confidence due to their lower strength and lean physique.
  • People who are body conscious and want to look always good in front of others.
  • Athletes looking for a perfect, long-term mass and strength gaining solution.
  • Bodybuilders preparing themselves for the upcoming contest.
  • Women who are trying to tone their body by reducing fat depositions.
  • Men and women who are becoming overweight due to their sedentary lifestyle..

  • Explore the Overview of Muscles and Strength Building.
  • Discover Muscle Building-Basic Training Program for Beginners.
  • Discover Strength Building-Basic Training Program for Beginners.
  • Explore the Nutrition for Maximizing Strength and Muscle Mass.
  • What are the Best Upper Body Workouts?
  • What are the Best Lower Body Workouts?
  • Discover Muscle Soreness, Tissue Damage, and Recovery.
  • Find out the Body Building Tactics for Women.

  • Explore the Role of Protein in Muscle Growth.
  • Explore the Role of Steroids in Muscle Building.
  • Find out The Truth about Supplements.
  • Find out the Tips for Accelerating Muscle and Strength Development.
  • Explore Weight Training Home Gears.
  • Discover Do’s and Don’ts of Muscles and Strength Building.
  • Find out the Experts’ Recommendations for Boosting Strength and Muscle Mass.
  • And so much more…..

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Module 1 – Premier guide on Muscles and Strength
Building Formula… A Resource for Marketers!
(Value : $1500)

This guide contains excellent tips and techniques to pile-up rock hard muscle mass and for enhancing body’s strength, nutritional plans, supplements etc. based on extensive research and advice from the experts in the industry to enable you to deliver massive value and get high-paying, long-term customers.

Written by professionals with over 35,000 words, here’s what we are going to provide in this 150+ pages premier training guide:

Module 2 – Well designed Sales Page copy
(Value : $800)

This professional sales page copy can get huge sales rolling in as part of your front end sales drive.

Module 3 – Sales Demo Video
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Module 5 – Animated Banners
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Module 6 - Professionally created expert Email Templates
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In this module, we are providing you with professionally written email swipes that will substantially leverage your sales and profits.

You can always choose any one of them, pick a subject line and send it to persuade further.

Module 7 – Professional Minisite
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What more can you ask for...and we have already done that for you. Yes, we have professionally designed the Sales Pages for you to just use them for your sales funnel.

You do not have to invest your time and energy in hiring professionals or writing on your own. These templates are ready to use to improvise your sales.

Module 8 – Legal Pages
(Value : $27)

In this module, we are providing you with 4 legal pages namely Anti-Spam policy, Earning Disclaimer, Privacy Policy terms and Conditions. You can edit or modify it based on your company's privacy policies and legal terms.

Module 9 – Social Media Graphics
(Value : $47)

We are also providing a set of High-Quality graphics which can be uploaded on various social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. These would be helpful and can be used as banners, post images, etc. which will be useful in marketing your product on these platforms and save you a lot of bucks and time.

These come along with PSD formats so that you can edit them as per your own choice and convenience.

Module 10 – PDF Graphics
(Value : $97)

In this module, we are offering editable graphics for every topic which is covered in this course i.e. the Training Guide. With the power of these High-Quality graphics, you can lure more customers and show the potential of this product. These come along with PSD formats so that you can edit them as per your own choice and convenience.

Module 11 – 10 Unique Articles Bundled into One
(Value : $237)

Article 1 - Determine Your Body Type - Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph. (Words 798 )
Article 2 - The "Skinny Fat" Body Transformation Dilemma - Should You Bulk Or Cut First? (Words 780 )
Article 3 - Muscle Building Protein Sources for Vegetarians. (Words 811 )
Article 4 - Stretching For Muscle Growth. (Words 791 )
Article 5 - Top Bodybuilding Myths and Facts. (Words 750)
Article 6 - How to Gain Muscle Mass After 40? (Words 740)
Article 7 - Capillary Training & Maintaining The Pump (Words 749 )
Article 8 - Women: How to Incorporate Cardio Into Your Routine? (Words 762 )
Article 9 - Resistance Bands - An Ultimate tool for Enhancing Strength. (Words 787 )
Article 10 - Maximize Your Strength with Functional Isometric Training. (Words 951)

(Both in Word and Text Format)

And, there’s still more to come.
In Addition, We are providing Bonuses!!...
If you buy TODAY, you get free access to 3 remarkable bonuses...

Bonus 1 : Cheat Sheet
(Valued at $20)

This cheat sheet is a practical tool that will guide your customers with easy to follow steps of the whole training.

Each and every aspect of training is broken down into easy and executable steps that will help customers master the process and keep entire training at their fingertips.

It makes the entire package more lucrative.

Bonus 2 : Mind Map
(Valued at $9)

Mind Maps will be a broad outline of the entire training program.

With this handy tool, the customers will have a comprehensive understanding of the complete training and they will absorb the contents easily.

Bonus 3 : Top Resources Report
(Valued at $20)

This is a comprehensive Research Report on effective Yoga Programs includes- Videos, Tools, Training courses, Forums, Infographics, and Facts.

  • We have taken care of everything you need to know to step into the fitness industry and completely dominate it... Now, all you have to do is just download this product, rebrand it as your own, resell and watch the cash bulge in your wallet grow exponentially.
  • With the increasing rate of obesity and rising prevalence of fit and muscular physique, people are desperate for a "Magical-Potion" to crush their fitness goals before it’s too late.

  • There are more than 1.5 million ‘Bodybuilding’ related keyword searches online. Therefore it’s very clear that how it will affect in any business point of view for reaching targeted customers.
  • Once you have downloaded our product and implemented the tips and techniques given, you will experience the advantages and benefits of a healthy, disease-free lifestyle. This product will be your ultimate way to establish yourself as a fitness authority & get loyal customers like a breeze….
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What you can do ?

  • You can sell it as it is and keep 100% profits.
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  • You can create a physical product from it.
  • You can use it in your other video products or for your webinars.
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  • You can also create eBooks and maybe create multiple eBooks out of it.
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  • You can translate the content into other languages.
  • You can rename, rebrand or customize it and claim full authorship. Everything is up to you.

What you can't do ?

  • No, you may NOT sell or giveaway private label rights (non-transferable PLR).
  • No, you may NOT sell or giveaway resell rights
  • No, you may NOT sell or giveaway master resell rights
  • No, you may NOT giveaway the main eBook for free. Must be sold for at least $7.

Our "Muscles and Strength Building Formula" with Private Label Rights comes with an Iron Clad 30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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Still here!
Here are few Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for you…

  • What is PLR?
    PLR stands for Private Label Rights implies that the buyers can purchase the product, edit the content or publish it without editing as their own. This is the catch in PLR products you can claim full authorship and use the content as you desire.
  • Do we have to share the leads and profits we generate using this product, with you or anyone else?
    No, you don’t have to share the leads and profits you generate using this product. You can keep 100% of the profits and the entire list to yourself only.

  • Can I give Private Label Rights to my customers for this product?
    No, you cannot give Private Label Rights to your customers. You can sell this product for Personal Use only. PLR rights are only for you to rebrand it as your own and sell.
  • What if I am not happy with the product after purchase?
    If you are not satisfied with our product quality then you can request a full refund for your purchase within 30 days. You will get your money back ASAP. No question asked.

  • Do you provide any other bonuses (apart from above three) with this product?
    Yes, you will receive special bonuses with this package on your downloading page. These are complimentary bonuses which will cost you an arm and a leg apart from the product. But, we are providing them to you for absolutely FREE.
  • Do we have to pay monthly fees for this product?
    No, you just have to pay once for this product. There are no monthly fees or hidden charges apart from that payment.
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