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Users' Feedback...

"As a designer, I know how typical it is to create a logo. But after getting LogoBiz my work simplifies considerably. If someone asks me the secret to my efficiency and skills, without a doubt, I would say it’s LogoBiz. It was hard to imagine that you can get 200+ logos in your library at this cheap. If they decided to sell it at a much higher price, then also I would buy it. Thanks Guys!"

Maghfur El-Amin


"Logos are very important for your business and brand and that makes LogoBiz a complete all-in-one solution of logos for life. I love the logo templates in this package and they are really simple to edit. With Developers License, anyone can put them to great use to make some fast cash. Really love it!"

Neeraj Agarwal

The Logo is the FACE of a Brand!!!

  • A strong logo is the beginning of your company’s branding and conveys your business’s vision.
  • It is the LOGO which helps a business stands out in the market. It:

Establishes Brand’s Identity

Attracts Audience & Customers

Advertises Your Brand

Develops an Emotional Bond

Makes you Stand Out From Others

Builds Customer Loyalty

A LOGO holds a Potential to Make or Break your Business.

It Marks your Products and your Marketplace, Both Online and Offline.

The Fact is - An Attractive or Good-Looking LOGO has the Potential to Improve Your Conversion Rates Between 33% and 225%!!!

  • This means you don’t have to Change Anything Else, Just Make Your LOGOS ‘More Presentable’ and You Could Double-up Your Profits…Literally Overnight!
  • If you've been in business for any amount of time, then we are sure you understand the importance of having a good BUSINESS IDENTITY that is Majorly Signified by an Eye-Popping LOGO!!!
  • It is Your LOGO that tells prospective customers -- and reminds ongoing customers -- who you are, what you do, and how you do it…
  • But Getting Captivating LOGOS for Your Businesses and Web Projects is NOT CHEAP and Easy!

Let’s Face the Hard Truth!!!

  • You can create a Logo on your own but designing Logos is plain difficult. You need Creativity and Designing Skills.
  • Creating a Logo to establish Brand Awareness is Very Sensitive. You could be spending HOURS trying to figure out what colors you should use and how to do the designing part. It can be really Tiresome!
  • Who wants that? Would you rather spend your time on more important tasks in your business? So, what’s the next Option…
  • Okay, this seems like a Good Option. You can hire a Pro-level Graphic Designer and Pay him to do the Tedious ‘Logo-Making’ task for you.

However, you need to know this is very expensive!
See yourself what a Decent Graphic Designer is charging...

Way too Darn Expensive!!!

You pay through the nose to get quality logos when you need them and watch your bank account being drained.

NOT to mention it usually takes days for the designer to finish work, only for it to look like anything but Your Dream Design.

On top of that, you need to be 100% sure that the logo you are using is 100% Copyright Free to use as your own Trademark.

Miss that part and you could easily be in DIRE STRAIGHTS... Such as an email from a lawyer informing you of a pending Law Suit with an Immediate (Stop & Desist) letter enclosed!

That can be quite scary and something that NO ONE should have to go through.

But Starting Today, Those Worries Can End Forever!!!

What if you could get Pro-level, Eyeballs Catching Logos for Your Business at an Insanely AFFORDABLE PRICE…. What if you could offer those services to OTHER businesses??... And with NO EXTRA WORK ON YOUR PART??....

Yes, You Can and Right Now, Because…

Get Your Hands on a Striking Collection of 200+ Pro-Level Logo Templates (in both PSD and PNG Formats) at a Price Much Lower than what expected to be paid for a SINGLE ONE

Forget about ‘Money-Sucking’ Graphic Designers and Tiresome Working Hours. Now You Can Build Your Own LOGO or Your Client’s LOGO within 5 Minutes ONLY!

Take a Glimpse of LogoBiz Templates

So what is the Offer price for ‘LogoBiz’?...

  • We’ve shown you the proofs above. Designers are charging anywhere between $50 to $500 (or more) for just ONE LOGO.
  • And that’s barely scratching the surface!
  • So if you opt to buy ‘200’ Logos from them you have to pay…

200 X $50 = $10000

200 X $500 = $100000

  • Pretty Expensive Right? And that’s the Real-World Value of this package (excluding bonuses).
  • And that’s barely scratching the surface!
  • So if you opt to buy ‘200’ Logos from them you have to pay…

But you don’t have to pay this much, Not Even half of it.

Today You Can Get ‘LogoBiz’ at a Tiny-Fractional Amount of what you expect to pay Somewhere Else for Logos of this Quality.

Not to mention, we are providing you ‘LogoBiz’ with DEVELOPERS LICENSE Option as well.

Means you can design logos for your clients and sell it to them at a HIGHER price!

Remember in the offline brick-n-mortar business world, logos can go for much, much MORE... You can sell even One Logo and Be in the Black!

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200+ Pro-Level Logo Templates
PNG + PSD Files
Tutorial Video
Use for Clients
Personal Use License
LogoBiz with Personal Rights
Developers License
LogoBiz with Developer Rights

No Kidding, Creating Beautiful Logos From
‘LogoBiz’ is as Easy as 1,2,3!!!


Open Selected Logo Template in Your Media Editor:

From our 200+ Templates, you can choose your desired Logo Template in your Niche. Open the PSD File in your image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Gimp etc.


Edit or Customize as you like:

You can Edit the template as you want. Insert your desired text, change font size, color, layout etc. And You are Good to Go!


Save Your Logo and BOOM! It’s Done:

Yes! Your Logo is ready. Save or Export your Logo in any format you want, like JPG or PNG. And Your Logo is Ready to Rock Your Brand’s Identity.

And Not Just Logos, We are also providing you with Step-by-Step Editing Tutorial Video!!!

Take a Look at How Easy Your Editing Will Be

Get LogoBiz Right Now for a Small Investment...
Choose Best Suited Option for You!

Use this Coupon code "GET10%OFF" to get 10% Discount on
Our Most Recommended Developers Rights License

Hurry Up! Discounted Price Expires In…

200+ Pro-Level Logo Templates
PNG + PSD Files
Tutorial Video
Use for Clients
Personal Use License
LogoBiz with Personal Rights
Developers License
LogoBiz with Developer Rights

Who Can Benefit From Using LogoBiz?...

No Matter What Your Business is…. If you are looking forward to uplifting your Profits and Brand’s Recognition to New Heights, then LogoBiz is FOR YOU!!!

No More Investing Tons of Money on Logo Designs Again!

Customize them with all the Latest Software Including…

But WAIT!!! There’s Still More to Come!

To make this incredible deal a little more profitable,

we are providing 3 Fast-Action Bonuses with LogoBiz.

Bonus 1:
1000 Stock Image Bundle

High-Quality 1000+ stock images you can use in your web projects and presentations. Royalty-Free images are hard to find and very expensive to get, making this bonus package perfect for you. Not to mention this comes with Master Resell Rights, so you can even sell it to others and make huge money.

Bonus 2:
200 Motion Background Video Bundle

Mind-Blowing collection of 200+ Motion Background Videos to captivate your audience’s attention. You can grace your videos or audio presentation by simply mix-and-match them in the background. Also, we are providing this package with Master Resell Rights, so you can sell it to other hungry buyers and fill your pockets with instant cash.

Bonus 3:
123 Logo Kit

Let’s enhance your profits by adding more Logos in your package. This stunning bonus is a collection of 38 Logo templates along with PSD Files to customize as you like and use for your own projects. We are also providing this package with Master Resell Rights so you can sell these templates and make huge money online and offline.

Stunning Bonuses Right?

Don’t forget these awesome bonuses are available for a very limited time only.

So Take Action NOW to Claim Your Purchase With Bonuses.

Use this Coupon code "GET10%OFF" to get 10% Discount on
Our Most Recommended Developers Rights License

Hurry Up! Discounted Price Expires In…

200+ Pro-Level Logo Templates
PNG + PSD Files
Tutorial Video
Use for Clients
Personal Use License
LogoBiz with Personal Rights
Developers License
LogoBiz with Developer Rights

What are the Experts Saying about this awesome product…?

I'm not really very good at graphic design ... I often hand that over to my wife to do as she's better than me ... but even I can create great looking logos from these templates. I've already created several logos directly from this package for some new websites that I am currently developing.
I love how the logos have been put together in such a way that it's easy to quickly create an impressive logo for almost any business. The colors, fonts, and designs are well matched so that it's simple for anyone (even me) to create an impressive result.

David Watson


As an internet marketer, I need a new logo for every new product and believe me this is damn expensive. Also, the revision sessions with designers used to drain me out completely. That’s why LogoBiz gets my best recommendation. Stunning 200+ Logo templates with Developers License at dirt cheap price...Great Deal! Go for it Guys!

Steven Alvey

CEO at Warlord Enterpreneur

Bang ON! Firelaunchers have created yet another masterpiece. Great Logos, ‘No-Brainer’ Editing Tutorial Video and Developers License…A complete package to make some big bucks! Don’t wait, guys, grab it before they come to their senses and increase the price or take it down once and for all!

Luan Henrique

Product Creator - Article Genie


I am really impressed with your new product ‘LogoBiz’! Using the templates, I was able to create a Killer logo for one of my niche site in just minutes. No Kidding! With developers license, you just have to exchange your few minutes with hundreds of dollars! I can't recommend a package like this enough. Great work here!

Daniel Taylor

I am really happy with the LogoBiz complete package. The design of templates is awesome, very easy to modify and also ready to print. There are no such services available now that offer logos of such quality along with Developers license and especially at this low price. Great Work!

Maftuch Junaidy Mhirda


Literally miraculous product in terms of quantity and quality. Logo is needed by every business owner on the planet and the complete package of 200+ logo templates is really a Godsend for every marketer out there. With Developers Rights to go along, Firelaunchers have made it one of the finest products on the Web! Highly recommended!

Aries Firmansyah

The quality of logo templates in this package literally blows me away! Everything is just Awesome along with designs to colors and fonts. The best part is that they are offering Developers Rights also. It implies that it can be a great source of income for every profit-seeker. Highly Recommended!

Sam Arief


I had downloaded my copy of these Logos and what can I say? They're nicely done... and highly customizable! If you're one who has a lot of Products, Services, etc. or plan to do work for Clients and charge a fee - this in itself can be your 'secret weapon'!

June Ashley

I know when I see a new product being released, I can expect spectacular from these guys. Logos are mandatory for every brand’s identity but finding time to create them is plain tiresome. Thanks for another awesome product which saves both time and money. Love it all!

Ilham Zulkarnain

CEO at Rootpixel, inc


I always love what Firelaunchers are offering. They have a great reputation of ‘over-delivering’ and customers not only adore their stuff but also appreciate the ‘post-purchase’ support they provide. You’ll never go wrong trusting them.

Bayu Tara Wijaya

Under 15 bucks for all of this graphic asset is very big deal. Very easy to modify, good support and developer license. Great Work

Anugerah Syaifullah


"By the way, your selection of Logo Templates in LogoBiz is excellent. It not only provides great value for money invested but with Developers Rights, it will be a good source for your income. You can create as many logos as you want and charge a hefty amount for them. Highly Recommended… Grab it guys!"

Rustam Sandegi

LogoBiz is the Easiest and Most Affordable Logo Creation Solution for You and Your Business!!!

No need to pay $$$ to an expensive
designer who barely does decent work

No more wasting hours trying to
do it all yourself

No need to invest hundreds of dollars in software that’s supposed to “help” but only leaves you more confused than before

No more waiting for days for logos to be finished... Just 5 Minutes and your stunning logo is ready to rock

  • Just Grab ‘LogoBiz’ and Get Splendid Logos for Your Projects and Your Client’s Projects almost Instantly!!!
  • Imagine How Impressed your clients will be if you show them your work which you’ve done in Just Minutes!
  • The Best Part is…You can Charge Any Amount You Want and Your Client’s will be Happy to Pay You.
You are backed by Our Risk-Free, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!!!

We are positively convinced that you’ll love ‘LogoBiz’ just as much as we do.

In fact, for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, Just Let Us Know within 30 days of your purchase ...and We’ll Issue a Full Refund... NO QUESTIONS ASKED"

So there is no risk for you, but if you wait and come back later, you’ll end up paying a lot more for this.

So What are you Waiting For?...Get Instant Access Right NOW!

If you want to be successful, make the money you always desired and live the life of your dreams while maintaining your Brand’s Identity…’LogoBiz’ is For You!

It’s the best alternative to ‘money-sucking’ designers or complicated software, saving your hundreds of dollars and precious working hours.

You’ll get the same (or more profound) Logos for which you had to wait for days and pay $50+!

And with Developers License, you can make logos for your clients and charge any amount between $50 and $500.

Just a few minutes of your time for $50. How many times will you do it over and over again? And watch your bank account being overflowed with cash…at One-Time Ridiculously LOW Price!

So, Hurry Up before the price gets double (or more) than what it is right now.

Get instant access to ‘LogoBiz’ right now!

Your Happiness & Prosperity,

Still here?
Here are few Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for you…

  • Do I get the Source File for logos?
    Yes, you’ll get PSD Source files along with PNG files of the logos. You can edit the source file in Adobe Photoshop or any Free Online Photo Editor like Gimp.
  • Do you charge any monthly fee for this offer?
    No, our complete package of ‘LogoBiz’ is available at ONE-TIME Payment only. You will pay only once to get instant access. There are no monthly or hidden charges.

  • Will you train me how to do the editing and create my logos?
    Of Course, we have included the step-by-step tutorial video on how to edit the logos. We’ll show you how to insert your desired text and make necessary changes, so you can get them up and running quickly and easily.
  • What’s your refund policy?
    We have 30 Days 100% Money-Back Refund Policy. If you are not happy with our product, you can send us an email on our support Id within 30 Days of your purchase and we’ll refund your full amount.

  • Can you please elaborate your licensing options for LogoBiz?
    We have two Licenses for LogoBiz –
    1) Personal Use License means you can edit the templates and use them for your own projects. With this option, you cannot use LogoBiz for your client’s project.
    2) Developers License means you can create Logos for clients and charge them for these designs.
  • What if I don’t have Adobe Photoshop?
    A- No problem, although Adobe Photoshop is one of the best software to edit PSD files, you can also edit the templates in free online editors like Gimp. You can choose your media editor according to your convenience but please make sure it supports PSD file format.
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