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And Depression and Anxiety disorders carry an annual cost of $210 billion and this number is still increasing at an average rate of 8.3% per year?

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Depression has become the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide and the Internet
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Unavoidable and Growing

WORK PRESSURE at Home and Office with absolutely no time left for recreational activities.

Increasing number of severe chronic diseases leading to more consumption of medicines causing changes and FLUCTUATIONS IN MOOD.

Increasing mortality rate and SOCIAL ISOLATION

Rapidly growing ALCOHOL AND DRUG ADDICTION among adults and teenagers

Leading a Stress-Free and Jovial Life is Indispensable!

Depression increases the risk of an early death by up to THREE TIMES: Mental health condition suppresses the immune system, putting people at risk of illness.

Due to this global problem, billions of people are struggling with their life and some of them are helplessly taking the serious step of Suicide to end their suffering caused by this serious and hazardous mental illness.

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  • People who have withdrawn themselves socially and are isolated.
  • People who are largely addicted to alcohol, drugs and are victims of substance abuse.
  • People dealing with frequent anger outbursts for small reasons.
  • People who are facing problems in concentrating at work and lack focus.
  • People who are prone to negative thoughts of failure and worthlessness – so intense leading to suicidal risks…

Health and Fitness products are for everyone who wants to help themselves, stay mentally fit, healthy and rock the road they are walking.

  • Depression: An Overview
  • Causes of Depression
  • Signs and Symptoms of Depression
  • Types of Depression
  • Effect of Depression on Health
  • Depression in Different Age Groups
  • Risks of Unattended Depression
  • Depression and Suicide: The Warning Signs

  • How to Treat & Overcome Depression Naturally?
  • Exercises to Cure Depression
  • Lifestyle and Diet Tips for Aiding Depression
  • Counseling and Treatment Therapies
  • Anti-Depressants : All that you need to Know
  • Teenage Depression: Exclusive
  • Preventing the Return of Depression
  • And so much more…..

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In this module, we are offering 10 unique articles related to the immense subject of Depression and Anxiety. This value-added module will provide you additional information about this evergreen topic.

Article 1 - Depression in the Workplace: How Can We Do Better? [725 words]
Article 2 - Nightmares and Depression [791 words]
Article 3 - Leaving your Negative Past Behind [868 words]
Article 4 - The Secret Sadness of Pregnancy with Depression [745 words]
Article 5 - What makes us think negative things about ourselves? [721 words]
Article 6 - Five Things Not to Say to Someone with Depression [784 words]
Article 7 - Why Our Closest Family Relationships Can Bring on Depression? [826 words]
Article 8 - Five Questions to Decide If a Therapist Is Right for You [751 words]
Article 9 - Practical Advice about Bullying [740 words]
Article 10 - Why does your-therapist-ask-about-your-childhood? [761 words]

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