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What Our Customers are Saying?...

"BizAnimatepro literally save my hundreds of dollars on freelancers cost. It simplifies the whole animation video making process and the results are still stunning. I love how easily I can stitch these together with music and a voiceover to crank out high-quality videos. I hope you keep putting these bundles out! Thanks Guys!"

Agus Sakti


"As a video marketer, these animated elements are a great timesaver for me. I can just drop them in my video editor and they are good to go. Along with Developers rights option and training videos, this huge bundle is an absolute steal that can be put to great use! "

M.R Sandegi

We are Living in the Golden Era of VIDEOS!!!

Have you seen those engaging and attractive videos promoting successful and powerful products lately?

  • It’s no secret that Video Marketing Trend is Skyrocketing now...
  • It is an incredibly compelling way to captivate, engage and sell online, whether you sell your own products and services, run an affiliate business or work with small businesses in your local city.
  • Videos have been used by everyone in their marketing efforts these days – and when done right, it converts like Gang Busters!


that by 2021 more than 80% of all
Internet traffic will be video.


video grow revenue 49% faster
than non-video users.


increase in organic traffic from


have bought something after
watching a video.


videos give them a good ROI; 82% think it’s a key part of their strategy.

The list goes on and on…but you get the point.

Video make SALES and that’s why there’s a HUGE DEMAND for it!

Talking head, slideshow style, whiteboard ….everything is Hot.

But out of all the different styles of videos, One Style Sticks Out as Converting the BEST….

  • Yes, Perfectly-Crafted, Vibrant and Attractive Animations hold the Top Position as the Best Converting Video Style.
  • In fact, during a testing, it is found that Animated Video generates 29.1 % more sales on the sales page!
  • Why? Simple, Because WE LOVE CARTOONS!!!
  • They take us back to our childhood and bring a smile on our faces. Animations...

Move Us...

Inspire Us...

Entertain Us...

Captivate Us...

Tells a Powerful Story

Which is probably why you and many other video marketers out there are spending a small fortune on buying a ton of animated characters, animated objects and other assets for their video creation efforts...

The biggest problem is –

Professional Animated Video is NOT an Easy Task to Create Manually and Super Expensive to Outsource!

Let’s Take a Bite of the Reality Sandwich!!!

Though Animated Videos are the surefire way to boost your profits and success to Next Level, still many people do not have them because...

    #1 Animated Assets are Way Too Expensive!

  • A professional animated video is a perfect blend of highly-attractive animated characters, animated objects and other assets. And these assets are NOT cheap to buy from stock sites...
  • Check it out…A single animated element will cost you an arm and a leg!

Pretty Expensive...Right?

#2 Animated Video Creation is Highly Complicated Task!

  • Creating animated videos that people actually want is quite complicated! You have to spend weeks after weeks on your desktop to prepare the necessary animations. Then compile them to create your own masterpiece.
  • No kidding, this will take up a lot of your precious working hours that you could be rather spending on other necessary aspects for your business success.

#3 Hiring a Freelance Video Creator will Cost you a Pretty Penny!

  • Okay, this seems like a good option. You may think let’s get rid of all the hassles and hire a video creator. But professional animated video service providers will charge you a fortune for even a single video.
  • Check out what video creators are charging…

Way Too Much...Right?

The thing is every video marketer wants their videos to convert well!

People have busy lives nowadays and time is our most precious commodity.

There are always a million and one other things vying for our attention.

It's really no wonder people are so easily distracted away from boring, outdated videos... And that’s why many video marketers out there are struggling to get the results they desire...

Now, what if it was easy to make your own Full HD animated videos? Without any graphic design or animation skills whatsoever? With pretty much any video editing software you have available? What if you could offer those services to OTHER businesses??... And with NO EXTRA WORK ON YOUR PART??....

Yes, You Can. Right on this page, we are about to present you something that will not only let you skyrocket your conversions by creating highly-captivating animated videos within minutes…

But ALSO, will let you BANK BIG by providing Video Services to Other Hungry Marketers out there, with Literally NO Hassle!

Offer them the perfect solution and BANK BIG CHECKS in the process!!!

Get Your Hands on a Striking Collection of 250+ Pro-Level, Animated Video Assets (GIF and MOV Formats) in various categories and themes, such as Character Actions, Animated Icon Packs and others at a Price Much Lower than what expected to be paid for a SINGLE ONE.

All items are Rendered in Full HD resolution with Alpha Channel so you can use them with any background...

Forget about ‘Money-Sucking’ Designers and Tiresome Working Hours.

Now You Can Build Your Own Animated Video within Minutes ONLY!

>>Take a look at what’s waiting for you Inside<<

#1 - John - "The Casual Guy"
24 Character Actions

#2 - Mary - "The Corporate Woman"
15 Character Actions

#3 - Male Fitness Pack
21 Character Actions

#4 – Medical Pack
22 Character Actions

#5 – Johnny - Black Casual Guy
24 Character Actions

#6 - Education Pack
16 Flat Icons

#7 - Travel Pack
16 Flat Icons

#8 - Medical Pack
16 Flat Icons

#9 - Business Pack
16 Flat Icons

#10 - eCommerce Pack
16 Flat Icons

#11 - Design Pack
16 Flat Icons

#12 - Objects (10)

#13 - Hand Gestures (16)

#14 - Arrows Pack (16)

#15 - Top View Scenes (6)

Creating an Animation Video Using BizAnimatePro
is as Easy as A-B-C!!!

>> Let’s have a look <<

Designed to Seamlessly work with...

You Too Could Create Professional Animations Like The Demos Below As Soon As Today!

These demo videos have been created using video assets only from this Bundle to show you what kind of things are possible and within your reach, if you get your copy of this amazing library!

Get BizAnimatePro Right Now for a Small Investment...
Choose Best Suited Option for You!

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250+ Video Assets
GIF Format
Quick-Time MOV Format
Training Videos
6 Bonuses
Developers License
Personal Use
GIF Format
BizAnimatePro - Version2
Personal Use
GIF + MOV Formats
BizAnimatePro - Version1
Developers License GIF + MOV Formats
BizAnimatePro with Developer Rights

Choose our Developers License and Sell Your
Videos For $100's Again & Again !!!


Small businesses will be lining up to grab professional commercial videos for their local store and services. You could be the one catering to their need and get paid handsomely.


Focus on selling hi-quality sales page/landing page videos to web page creators to explode
your income. People will appreciate your work and go crazy to get their hands on it.


Be a professional video creator and
sell your perfectly crafted masterpiece
directly to other video marketers and
boost your income!

And so much more...Create a video for anyone you want, Charge any amount you want and the Best Part is – KEEP 100% OF THE PROFITS TO YOURSELF!!!

There’s Still More to Come!!!

To make this incredible deal a little more profitable,

we are providing 6 Fast-Action Bonuses with BizAnimatePro.

Bonus 1:
Video Gold

Video Marketing and List Building are just a few of the hottest and most profitable topics nowadays. And if you don’t know how to create videos for yourself, then don’t worry. Inside this wonderful bonus package, you’ll get 23 high-quality videos that you can use for your own campaigns.

Bonus 2:
VideoZoo Vol. 1

Video marketing is an effective technique to share information online. If you are short on budget for video creation then this bonus package is Godsend for you. Inside you’ll get Video Marketing Templates in Hottest Niche includes Video Explainer Templates, Video Corporate Templates, Characters, Landing Page Templates & Audio Backgrounds.

Bonus 3:
Create Video with Camtasia 9

Camtasia 9 makes video creation simple whether you want to record simple video, presentation style with a program like Google Sheets or Powerpoint. With this delightful bonus package, you will discover how to make videos for every occasion using Camtasia 9. Learn everything you need to know about this awesome video creator and rock your videos with ease.

Bonus 4:
100 Video Transition Backgrounds

Another important thing that every video marketer needs is the attractive backgrounds for videos. In this extensive bonus package, we are providing you a lovely collection of 100 video transition backgrounds that you can use in your videos and make them stunning. Also, it has a high definition so that your output will look like a professionally-made project.

Bonus 5:
Animated Backgrounds Volume 3

Need animated backgrounds to use in your videos…We have got you covered on this. Inside this superb bonus package, you are about to receive high-definition animated backgrounds that you can use to your videos, web presentation or offline today. These backgrounds will rock your videos and boost-up your conversions.

Bonus 6:
The Animation Playbook Hands On

Animations are needed by every marketer out there, but very few know how to make captivating animation videos. With this divine bonus package, you’ll get to learn all of the technical tricks that will help you bring the strategies out of the classroom and into your business.

Stunning Bonuses Right?

Don’t forget these awesome bonuses are available for a very limited time only.

So Take Action NOW to Claim Your Purchase With Bonuses.

Use this Coupon code "SPECIALOFF15" to get 15% Discount on
Our Most Recommended Developers Rights License

Hurry Up! Discounted Price Expires In…

250+ Video Assets
GIF Format
Quick-Time MOV Format
Training Videos
6 Bonuses
Developers License
Personal Use
GIF Format
BizAnimatePro - Version2
Personal Use
GIF + MOV Formats
BizAnimatePro - Version1
Developers License GIF + MOV Formats
BizAnimatePro with Developer Rights

What are the Experts Saying about this awesome product…?

Truly amazing and powerful piece of assets. Really love the animated actions and it goes perfectly well with videos. You guys have made ‘animation making’ a lot simpler and faster. And with Developers License, this package can be used to earn good money online. Highly Recommended!

Maulana Malik


Videos have become a necessity nowadays to make sales online. And this new collection of video assets is perfect to make videos quicker without paying hundreds of dollars. Everything is ready-to-use and of high-quality. It even has a choice of Developers Rights as well. Nice work!

Roshni Dhal

An amazing bundle for anyone looking to make professional animated videos, from beginners to seasoned video editors or motion graphics designers, saving you a ton of money that you'd otherwise spend on stock footage sites. Good job guys!

Anugerah Syaifullah


The quality of this package literally blows me away. The animations are really stunning and make perfect videos with voice over and music. They are even offering developers license option as well. Now that makes this package a real deal. Great work here!

Bayu tara wijaya

By the way, your selection of video assets in BizAnimatePro is excellent. It not only provides great value for money invested but with Developers Rights, it will be a good source for your income. You can create as many videos as you want and charge a hefty amount for them. Highly Recommended… Grab it guys!

Maghfur El-Amin


BizAnimatePro allows you to create high-quality animation videos in literally minutes. Whether you want to make them for your own projects or even create videos to sell with Developers License option. They look professional and crisp. And they are even providing training videos. Perfect Package folks...get it!

Luan Henrique

I was a bit skeptical about BizAnimatePro when I first heard about it. I mean 250+ animated assets at this cheap price. But this package really delivers what it claims. With captivating animations and Developers License, this package is one of those rare-profit-pulling packages online. Grab it guys…You’ll love it!

John Delavera


If you want to create Pro-Quality Videos quickly and easily then this is definitely for you. Firelaunchers always put out really high-quality products, and their brand new 'BizAnimatePro' collection is no exception. I just love this collection and recommend it to anyone who wants to make some real money online.

Maftuch Junaidy Mhirda

We all love animations. They are kind of funny, trendy and attractive. But creating stunning animation is a really cumbersome task and that makes BizAnimatePro an all-in-one solution for animated videos. The collection is really diverse and it is really simple to make videos from them. With Developers License, anyone can put them to great use to make some fast cash. Really love it!

Sam Arief


The video is an important aspect of my marketing but animations have always been a hassle for me. With these pre-animated elements, I can easily create professional looking videos. Everything is just great – elements, training videos, bonuses, choice of licenses…This definitely deserves my best recommendations!

Jeremiah Villagomez

What Make BizAnimatePro the Best Choice?...

Premium Quality

Professionally crafted animations. Also coming with alpha channel included, so you can use with any background.


Work seamlessly in any video creator! We have also included a transparent MOV file option for you to make the best thing ever!

Drag & Drop Simplicity

You don't need any animation skill, just drag and drop to your favorite software and you're all set!

Developers License

With Developers License Option you can even sell one video and your investment is covered. Rest is Pure Profits. You got to keep 100% of the money.

Awesome Bonuses

Work seamlessly in any video creator! We have also included a transparent MOV file option for you to make the best thing ever!

BizAnimatePro is the Easiest and Most Affordable Animated
Video Creation Solution for You and Your Business!!!

This is for you if You...

  • Want to increase your conversions by up to 300%
  • Want to Boost your income by providing video creation services to thousands of other hungry video marketers
  • Don’t want to spend fortunes hiring unreliable video designers that don't deliver
  • Want to create more video presentations without having to attend an expensive video school
  • Have ZERO video experience but still want to create high-quality videos for your and your clients’ projects
  • Want to add video services to your arsenal to make you even MORE attractive to potential clients

Imagine How Impressed your clients will be if you show them your work which you’ve done in Just Minutes!

The Best Part is...You can Charge Any Amount You Want and Your Client’s will be Happy to Pay You.

You are backed by Our Risk-Free, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!!!

We are positively convinced that you’ll love ‘BizAnimatePro’ just as much as we do.

If you’re not completely satisfied with our product and don’t see the amazing value behind it, we will totally refund your money. Just Let Us Know within 30 days of your purchase...and We’ll Issue a Full Refund... NO QUESTIONS ASKED"

So there is no risk for you, but if you wait and come back later, you’ll end up paying a lot more for this.

So What are you Waiting For?...Get Instant Access Right NOW!

If you want to be successful, make the money you always desired and live the life of your dreams...'BizAnimatePro' is For You!

It’s the best alternative to 'money-sucking' video service providers or complicated software, saving your hundreds of dollars and precious working hours.

You’ll get the same (or more profound) Videos for which you had to wait for days and pay $50+!

And with Developers License, you can even make videos for your clients and charge any amount between $50 and $500.

Remember in the brick-n-mortar business world, Videos can go for much, much MORE... You can sell even One Video and Be in the Black!

So, Hurry Up before the price gets double (or more) than what it is right now.

Get instant access to ‘BizAnimatePro’ right now!

Your Happiness & Prosperity,

Still here?
Here are few Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for you…

  • What is BizAnimatePro?
    BizAnimatePro is a Striking Collection of 250+ ‘Pre-Animated’ video elements in both GIF and MOV formats along with Developers License Option. You can use them with pretty much any video editing software you have, or in any multimedia projects. Do not confuse this with a Video Editing Software.
  • What video software would I need to use these assets?
    Well, these files are compatible with pretty much any video editing software. You just need to drag and drop them in your favorite video editing software like we did in Adobe Premiere Pro. You can use Camtasia Studio, Adobe After Effects or any software you have.

  • Do you charge any monthly fee for this offer?
    No, our complete package of ‘BizAnimatePro’ is available at ONE-TIME Payment only. You will pay only once to get instant access. There are no monthly or hidden charges.
  • What’s your refund policy?
    We have 30 Days 100% Money-Back Refund Policy. If you are not happy with our product, you can send us an email on our support Id within 30 Days of your purchase and we’ll refund your full amount.

  • Can you please elaborate your licensing options for BizAnimatePro?
    We have TWO Licenses for BizAnimatePro that we have presented with THREE Options. First Two Options are coming with Personal Use License. In Option one, you’ll only get GIF files and in second option you’ll get both GIF and MOV files with Personal Use License.

    Third Option is Developers Rights License in which you’ll get both File Formats GIF and MOV with Training Videos. If you want to create videos for clients to get paid – this option is for you.
  • Do you offer support??
    YES, absolutely! Although we have already shown you on this page how you can easily create your videos with our package and have included training video. But if you have additional questions, just send a support ticket and you'll get an answer shortly from us.
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